Piglet Knights or how I learned to stop caring and love little finger’s debt farm, an adventure in economics.


Welcome to piglet knights, a game which attempts to recapture the essence of the song of ice and fire novels with multiple characters at play. Players shall take on the role of character to interact with the world and shape the narrative of the story. Think of your player characters as PoV characters from the novels or series. There will not always be call for the PCs to be grouped together however, SoIaF tends to move from one perspective to another quite quickly and rarely are the characters in close proximity to each other. To resolve this, players will adopt side characters to support other PCs when they are called upon for a scene, there shall be more on how this works in the rules section.

A note on the game; to start with the game shall try and be party centric based around one house and its local and regional politics, so do not worry to much about the PCs being scattered about and being forced to play a minor character every other scene, it is my hope that we shall naturally grow to have a bigger, more complex game but for now you will be going to a tournament together. The first house has been rolled but as of writting the details have not been set, the only detail decided at the moment is that you are sworn to the westerlands and house lanister.

The game is run via a IRC client using a dicebot to facilitate combat, it shall take place each thursday-friday, 2200GMT to 0400GMT. The OOC channel is #Piglet_Nights, the IC channel is #Piglet_Knights. Do not worry if you cannot make a session or you can only make part of one, the modualar nature of the choconical system the game is based on allows us to break up play between scenes. Because of this you can show up late and get involved at the next scene change or leave early and dissappear at the scene change without breaking the flow of the game. Players and their characters will be rewarded for exactly what they play in.

Side sessions or mini arcs with one character can be organized for other times but game time should be reserved for group play.

A note on the setting

For those unfamiliar to the setting, the game will take place in Westeros a feudal land also known as the seven kingdoms. The land has been subject to many migrations and wars over its history, where once there were hundreds of independent states and fiefdoms ruled over by kings there came to be seven until Aegon Targaryen and his successors brought all of them into his domain three hundred years ago. While all of the original kingdoms retain their character and a measure of autonomy they all ultimately bow to the Iron throne.

The king took fealty from the greater lords of the lands and they take fealty from lesser lords and houses in a chain of obedience that centred on the strength of the throne and the Targaryen Dynasty. No longer is this the case however, in a bloody rebellion sparked by love the Targaryens were overthrown and cast down, the line ended save for a young prince and princess in exile. Now Robert Baratheon, a fine warrior and military commander but a poor ruler, reigns over the seven kingdoms, but his power is not the power of the Targaryans and not all rest easy under his rule, the powerful houses no longer bond to the throne in absolute deference. There has already been one rebellion under King Robert when Balon Greyjoy declared himself king of the Iron Islands, the rebellion was crushed and peace was brought back, but who knows how long that will last.

“When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
-Cersei Lannister

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Piglet Knights

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