The Guards

Name: Fillipe (Adult)

Fighting 5 Long blade 2B Shield 2B
Endurance 4
Will 4
Athletics 4 Run 2B
Awareness 3 Notice 1B
Agility 3
Animal Handling 2 Ride 1B


You are always at risk of losing your temper in battle. Whenever you take an injury or wound, you may make a Fighting test as a Free Action against an adjacent opponent. You gain no bonus dice on this test.
In addition, you can continue fighting even when you should be defeated. At the end of the current round, if you have taken wounds sufficient to defeat you, you may roll a Formidable (12) Will test to continue fighting. The penalty dice gained from wounds do not apply. You may make a number of such tests equal to your Endurance rank.

Long Blade Fighter I:
When armed with a Long Blade, you may sacrifice all of your bonus dice from Long Blades to gain one free degree of success if you successfully hit your opponent. In addition, adversaries wielding nonshield parrying weapons take a –1 penalty to their Combat Defense against your attacks.

Shield Mastery:
Increase the Defensive Bonus of any shield carried by +1 per rank in the Shields specialty, to a maximum of doubling the bonus granted by the shield.


Whenever you test Persuasion, you must re-roll any die result of an 6 and take the second roll.

Destiny points: 1/1

Intrigue stats;
Intrigue defence: 7
Composure: 12

Combat stats;
Combat defence: 10 (-3 AP +4 shield, total, 11)
Health: 12
Armor rating: 5
AP: -3
Bulk: 2
Longsword 5
Movement: 4 (sprint 14)

(Jayse, Justan, Arnol, Hectar, Lucan, Jaze, Russal, Brody, Deran and Bob.)

Athletics 4
Awareness 3 (Notice 1B)
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 (Pole-Arms 1B)

Intrigue stats;
Intrigue Defense 7
Composure 6

Combat stats;
Combat defence: 9 (6 in Armor)
Health: 9
Armor rating: 5
AP: -3
Bulk: 3
Halberd 7, powerful, two-handed
Movement: 3 (Sprint 9)

The Guards

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