Ser Theodore Goldenhill

Heir of House Goldenhill, competitive tourney jouster


Adult fighter, age 24

Agility 3D
Animal Handling 4D (Ride 2B)
Athletics 3D
Awareness 3D
Endurance 3D
Fighting 4D (Long Blades 2B, Shields 1B, Spears 1B)
Language 3D
Marksmanship 3D
Persuasion 3D
Status 4D (Tournaments 2B)
Warfare 4D
Will 3D
All Others 2D

Heir (House Goldenhill)
- Gain +1 to Status tests.
- Should anything happen to the head of house, exchange this quality for the Head of House quality.

- Gain additional command each Warfare round.
- When issuing commands, may sacrifice a command to reroll Warfare and take the better result.

Long Blade Fighter I
- May sacrifice all bonus dice from Long Blades to gain one free degree of success on a successful attack.
- Enemies wielding non-shield parrying weapons take -1 to Combat Defense against your attacks.

Tourney Knight
- During jousts, add number of Tournaments bonus dice to Fighting tests and to passive Animal Handling to stay in saddle.

Nemesis (Ser Quinton Lannisway)
- Acquired a destructive enemy that will haunt the character until confronted. (Heir of House Lannisway; rivalry began when Ser Theodore had an affair with Ser Quinton’s betrothed)

Combat Defense – 9 (3 in plate armor, 7 with armor and shield)
Health – 9/9
Injuries – 0/3 (-0 to all tests)
Wounds – 0/3 (-0D to all tests)

Intrigue Defense – 9
Composure – 9/9

Arms and Armor
- Plate armor (AR 10, AP -6, Bulk 3)
- Dagger (4D, 1 damage, Defensive +1, Off-hand +1)
- Hunting bow (3D, 3 damage, Long Range, Two-Handed)
- Longsword (4D + 2B, 4 damage)
- Large shield (4D, 1 damage, Bulk 1, Defensive +4)
- War lance (4D, 8 damage, Bulk 2, Impale, Mounted, Powerful, Slow, Vicious)

- 4 yards/16 yards (2/12 with armor and shield, 1/10 with armor, shield and lance)

Destiny Points – 2/2

Personal Gear:
Clothes and armor – Noble’s clothes, traveler’s clothes, signet ring, plate armor
Weapons – Dagger, hunting bow w/ 24 arrows, large shield, longsword, war lance
Horses – Destrier, rounsey
Money – 1,510 stags + 4,000 stags owed to Ser Quinton Lannisway (If he collects in coin)

Available – 10

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Past Event(s)
- Served House Lanny as a page to one of it’s retainers.
- Competed at a significant tournament held years ago by House Lanny.
- Had a torrid love affair
Goal – Mastery in jousting
Motivation – Love
Virtue – Magnanimous
Vice – Licentious

Ser Theodore Goldenhill

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