Diplomat and Spymaster of House Lanny


Name: Rochefort

Agility 2
Animal Handling 1
Athletics 3
Awareness 4 +2B Empathy
Cunning 3
Deception 4 +2B Bluff
Endurance 3
Fighting 3
Healing 2
Knowledge 3 +1B Streetwise
Language 3
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 5 +2B Convince +2B Intimidate
Status 3 +1B Reputation
Stealth 3
Survival 2
Thievery 3
Warfare 2
Will 4

Cadre: 10 goons
Cohort: 1 Henchman
Courteous: Add Persuasion/2 to Deception tests, add cunning to passive deception results for read target defence.

Agility -1
Fear of horses

Destiny points: 0
Was 1, now 0 as burned to change outcome for House Thorne to acquire Alias’s mother and sisters for his house.

Intrigue stats;
Intrigue defence: 10
Composure: 12/12

Combat stats;
Combat defence: 9 in soft leather, 10 without.
Health: 9/9
Armor rating: 2
AP: 1
Bulk: 0
Damage: Longsword 4, Stiletto 3 piercing 2
Movement: 4 yds

Money: 1004 dragons


Rochefort is house retainer and a long standing diplomat. He works to keep friends around him and has a loyal retainer and squad of men. He currently aims to increase his personal wealth and status and the status of the house. Advancing the house and protecting it from threats are his main worries. He has a wife called Georgina and a son who is a young man called Melial.

Rochefort took out a personal loan at 500% APR of 1000 dragons with the agreement that his son Melial would be held in the court of Littlefinger. He agreed to this to protect Alias Lanny and the house and to complete his objectives of bringing Lady Bryanna and her daughters back to House Lanny.


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