Lord Ivan Goldenhill

Lord of House Goldenhill, aging glory-seeking drunkard


Middle-aged fighter, age 50

Agility 4D
Animal Handling 3D (Ride 2B)
Athletics 4D (Strength 3B)
Endurance 4D
Fighting 4D (Bludgeons 3B, Shields 1B, Spears 1B)
Language 3D
Status 4D
Warfare 3D
Will 3D
All Others 2D

Armor Mastery
- Increase armor AR by +1 and reduce Bulk (if any) by 1.

Bludgeon Fighter I
- Bludgeoning weapons gain Shattering 1 or increase Shattering rating by 1.

Head of House (House Goldenhill)
- Gain +2 to Status tests.
- Has command of house and are responsible for upkeep, security and dispensation of fortunes.

Bound to the Bottle
- Whenever faced with troubling situations, make a Formidable (12) Will test or get drunk. All test results -2 while intoxicated, or -2D if drinking with other drinkers.
- Penalties remain until getting a good night’s sleep, but may make a Challenging (9) Endurance test each hour after drinking to reduce penalty by -1 (or -1D).

Flaw (Agility)
- Take -1D on all Agility tests and treat this ability as being 1 point lower for passive test results.

Combat Defense – 9 (7 in armor, 11 in armor and shield)
Health – 12/12
Injuries – 0/4
Wounds – 0/4

Intrigue Defense – 8
Composure – 9/9

Arms and Armor
- Ring armor (AR 5, AP -2, Bulk 0)
- Ball and chain (4D + 2B, 7 damage, Powerful, Shattering 2)
- Dagger (4D, 1 damage, Defensive +1, Off-Hand +1)
- Hand axe (4D, 3 damage, Defensive +1, Off-Hand +1)
- Large shield (4D, 2 damage, Bulk 1, Defensive +4)

- 4 yards/16 yards (4 yards/15 yards in armor and shield)

Destiny Points – 1/1

Personal Gear:
Clothes and armor – Noble’s clothes, traveler’s clothes, ring armor
Weapons – Ball and chain, dagger, hand axe, large shield
Horses – Destrier
Other gear – Backpack, belt pouch, soldier’s tent, rope, iron stakes, flint and steel, 5 torches, waterskin
Money – 2,563 stags, 19 pennies

Available – 0

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Past Event(s)
- Served as page to the Lannisters of Lannisport
- Fought in battle during Robert’s Rebellion
- Saved the life of his liege during battle
Goal – Security; to leave behind behind an enduring legacy in his House
Motivation – Fear
Virtue – Courageous
Vice – Foolish

Lord Ivan Goldenhill

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