Ser Gerrad Goldenhill

6th in line behind his siblings, left to make his fame as a wandering knight


Young adult fighter

Agility 4D (Acrobatics 3B, Quickness 1B)
Athletics 4D
Awareness 3D
Endurance 4D
Fighting 4D (Long Blades 2B)
Language 3D
Status 2D
All Others 2D

Acrobatic Defense (Lesser action to add twice the acrobatics bonus to combat defense)
Armour Mastery (Increase armor AR by 1 and reduce Bulk (if any) by 1)
Expertise – Fighting (+1D)


Intrigue stats;
Intrigue defence: 7
Composure: 6/6

Combat stats;
Combat defence: 11 (-2 with ring mail armor, +2 with shield, +6 if using acrobatic defense)
Health: 10/12
Armor rating: 5
AP: -2
Bulk: 0
-Athletics +1 (Bastard Sword, +1 if two-handed)
-Agility (Hunting Bow)

Arms and Armor
-Bastard Sword (-1B from training, adaptable)
-Hunting Bow (Long range, two handed) (with 24 arrows)
-Ring Armor

- 4 yards/16 yards (4 yards/15 yards in armor and shield)

Destiny points: 3/3

Personal Gear
Clothes and armor – Traveler’s garb, Ring mail armor
Weapons – Bastard sword, hunting bow (with 24 arrows), shield
Horses – Rounsey
Other gear – Backpack, belt pouch, soldier’s tent, rope, iron stakes, flint and steel, lantern, 2 pints of oil, waterskin
Money – 378 stags, 8 pennies

Available – 26


Past Event(s)
- Saw his brothers groomed for battle and command during the Greyjoy rebellion, while he himself was ignored and dismissed, trained in a way that was far too similar to a squire’s even though he’s of noble blood.
Goal – Fame, to make a name for himself beyond merely ‘that one guy’s son/brother’
Motivation – Hatred at his direct family, for dismissing any chance of him ever being more than a knight for his brothers in all but name
Virtue – Honest
Vice – Ambitious

Ser Gerrad Goldenhill

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