Piglet Knights

Episode Two: The Rains of Castamere

Scene One:
You are summoned to join Lord Tywin who is impressed with Alias’ performance and how he protected Joy. He is less impressed to hear that his son Tyrion has been gambling. He charges you to rid the ruins of castamere of bandits.

Lord_Specineff13; 1 glory
Reilock; 1 glory

Scene Two:
Theodore returns home to rally his troops to find his new wife and his old dad preparing to join the march. Both are allowed to join.

Lord_Specineff13; 1 glory

Scene Three:
The journey in the mountains takes a pause at a landslide which blocks the path, Lady Lansil knows a path though the mountains and you manage to find your way up it, leading on to castamere with minimum time lost.

Lord_Specineff13; 2 glory
Reilock; 2 glory

Scene Four:
Harvey asks Ser Theodore to meet justice out on a murderer who is soon cast off a cliff.

Lord_Specineff13; 1 glory
Reilock; 1 glory

Scene Five:
The battle begins, Harvey takes the lead with Ser Theodore and Ser Kevan acting in support, Lord Ivan leads the Knights on the field and Ser Roland prepares to distinguish himself. The fossawry archers fire upon the enemy and the infantry begin the long climb while the knights take the high road. Ser Rodger leads the infantry to victory while Lord Ivan topples the tower, you ride to victory and capture Ser Arthur Rains.

Lord_Specineff13; 8xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill
Reilock; 4 glory

Ser Arthur Rains reveals himself as Ser Arthur Reyne, long lost son of the extinct house. Before he is executed he explains where he got the money for his army… Valyria. He proclaims that he has travelled to that dead land and he has seen it. He offers to seek out Gerion Lannister in exchange for a return of his house. Lord Tywin indulges him and grants Ser Arthur leave for his expedition.

Complete story bonuses by player:

5 glory
8xp for Ser Theodore
1 Destiny point for Ser Theodore

8 glory
1 Destiny point for Lord Alias

Next time on Piglet Knights:


Upstarts, bastards and crooks;
Lord Lyonel lies murdered and his heir is wroth, Harvey Cries out for justice and shadows are cast over the fate of house lanny and its right and left hand. Will they find justice, or only war and death?
Stay in lannisport.


Bread, Circuses and Bankruptcy;
Lord Tyrion has been sent away to the capital where King Robert reigns and is more than happy to take on some toadies. The king holds so many feasts and tournaments that you can tell what day of the week it is by them and then of course there is the game of thrones…
Travel to Kings landing.


The old empire;
Ser Arthur’s expedition is recruiting! Come to Valyria, land of exotic scenery, vibrant wildlife and untold riches. Join us in the pursuit of fame and fortune!
Travel to Valyria.

These are three planned arcs, the only arcs that will play out are ones with player characters, anyone without a player character attached to a arc will mantle side characters. Please Decide which PCs are going where.



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