Piglet Knights

Episode One: Of Players and Pieces

Scene One:
Ser Devan Lanny charges Ser Theodore Goldenhill with the protection of his nephew Lord Alias Lanny as well as winning the hand of Lady Felicia Lantell at a local tournament, it is made clear that Lord Alias should meet and greet with his peers and try to make a good impression. Ser Devan promises to find a sword tutor for the young lord.

Lord_Specineff13; 1 glory point
Reilock; 1 glory point

Scene Two:
Upon arriving at Lannisport and finding their way to the Lanny town house, Ser Theodore and Lord Alias are invited by Ser Jorge Lantell to join his family at a banquet. While at the Banquet Lord Tytos Lantell insists that Alias sit with him throughout the tourney.

Lord_Specineff13; 4xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill
Reilock; 4xp to Lord Alias Lanny

Scene Three:
The jousting begins and the competition looks stiff, Ser Theodore handily beats Ser Tristan Lannistar by unhorsing him on the first tilt, earning his first victory. Against a small mystery knight who is unhorsed even if they did cause Ser Theodore to struggle a bit. The third match was fought evenly against Ser Aerys Waters and has to go to a fourth tilt before it is called in Ser Theodore’s favour. Ser Jorge then takes Ser Theodore to meet Maester Erik, it appears the mystery knight was actually a woman who is badly injured now, he identity yet remains unknown.

Lord_Specineff13; 8xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill, 7050ss earned as ransom

Scene Four:
Lord Alias is stuck talking to Lord Tytos about his grand daughter Deria while the jousting goes on. Alias is able to give Tytos the slip when Ser Jorge comes to discuss some pressing matter with his father and joins Tyrion and Loren Lannister in making wagers which he is terrible at, even with Tyrion helping him. Loren gives Alias a chance to recoup his losses in a huge last bet on the match between his man Ser Theodore and Ser Aerys in which Tyrion joins Alias in absolutely fleecing poor Loren. Alias walks away with a heavier purse than expected and all that Tyrion asks is that he go and make friends with his lonely bastard cousin, Joy Hill.

Reilock; 4xp to Lord Alias Lanny, 40gd earned in wagers

Scene Five:
Alias and Joy go and have fun about the camp, getting excited about all the different things to do here that don’t pertain to jousting. Once they buy some sticky Mutton Kebabs however they run into trouble, or more like Joy, in her excitement, runs into a older boy and gets sticky mutton all down his doublet. The boy is less than ammused and when Alias confronts him on this he turns violent, all three children end up fighting in the mud and before you know it the older boy is KOed via kebab to the head. Alias and Joy flee the scene of the crime.

Lord_Specineff13; 2 glory
Reilock; 4xp to Lord Alias Lanny

Scene Six:
Alias finds a distant relative, Ser Rickard to harbour him and Joy who is whisked off once her dress is mended. Ser Rickard is witness to Alias’ arrest by Ser Jorge and his retainers and returns with him to the town house where the young lord is put under house arrest.

Lord_Specineff13; 1 glory
Reilock; 1 glory

Scene Seven:
Ser Theodore finds himself facing a old rival, Ser Quinton Lannisway who handily beats him on points. Quinton then retires the contest leaving Ser Harold Goodwind to claim Lady Felicia’s hand in marriage.

Lord_Specineff13; 4xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill, 2 glory, debt of ransom for armour and horse to Ser Quinton
Reilock; 4 glory

Scene Eight:
Ser Theodore returns to the Lanny town house to find it surrounded by the city watch, it is here he learns what his liege has been up to. There is a visit from Lord Marcus Lannister and his son Loren who carefully outline that the boy Alais fought was none other than Lord Loreon Lanette’s son and heir and the female mystery knight was his daughter. Lord Marcus proposes that Ser Theodore marry the now undesirable Lady Lansil and offer a very handsome dowry to mend relations between the houses, mean while he would wave the matter of the fight in court as boys will be boys allowing everyone to save face. Unfortunately Alias and Theodore are collected by lannister guardsmen the next morning and taken to Casterly Rock. Lord Loreon has taken the matter up with his liege lord.

Lord_Specineff13; 2xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill
Reilock; 2xp to Lord Alias Lanny

Scene Nine:
Before the trial can begin, Alias is visited by Ser Jorge who offers to make himself accountable for what happened in order to shield house Lanny, in exchange, Alias would have to promise to marry his daughter Deria, he would take the black to save face all round. In the trail itself, witnesses including some of Alias’ own sworn men, Ser Henry Fossawry and Ser Rickard Lanny made a strong case against him and it became apparent that he would be found guilty unless he blamed Joy or took Ser Jorge up on his offer, Alias did neither deciding to call for a trial by combat, naming Ser Theodore his champion.

Lord_Specineff13; 2xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill
Reilock; 2xp to Lord Alias Lanny

Scene Ten:
Lord Loreon chose Ser Aaron Muddfeild for his own champion and the two knights fought on a cliffside before the twisted godswood of Casterly rock. Ser Aaron fought well but after suffering some gruesome damage at the hand of Ser Theodore he yielded. Lord Tywin declared the matter closed and laid the issue to rest, Alias was a free boy again.

Lord_Specineff13; 4xp to Ser Theodore Goldenhill, 2 glory
Reilock; 4 glory

Lord_Specineff13; 1 destiny point to Ser Theodore Goldenhill, 8xp to ser Theodore Goldenhill
Reilock; 1 destiny point to Lord Alias Lanny, 8xp to Lord Alias Lanny

Complete Story Bonuses (By Player):

8 glory
1 destiny point for Ser Theodore
32 xp for Ser Theodore
7050 ss for Ser Theodore
Unpaid ransom to Ser Quinton for Ser Theodore (4000 ss)

10 glory
1 destiny point for Lord Alias
24 xp for Lord Alias
40 gd for Lord Alias
2 weeks grounded for Lord Alias when he gets home

Next Time on Piglet Knights:
Episode Two, The Rains of Castamere
Potential side arc, Getting Hitched (Ser Theodore Goldenhill)
Potential side arc, Learning Fundamentals (Lord Alias Lanny)



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