Piglet Knights

Episode 4: Welcome to king's landing

Scene one:

Ser Devan sees a opportunity to use Tyrion Lannister’s fondness for Alias to get him into the royal court along with a entourage who he sets to secure the young lords mother and sisters from their maiden house, house Thorne.

Reilock: 1 glory
Alzahalabal: 1 glory
Glalev: 1 glory

Scene two:

You arrive with Lord Tyrion at the capital, once you arrive you find yourselves in the colourful court of King Robert. Unfortunately Lord Alias sees a rather nice cat and he chases it out of the great hall and around the castle, losing Becca who saw him leave and chased him and almost losing the cat. He finds the cat has retreated to its owner, prince Tommen who is breifly more excited by mister whiskers and Alias’ interruption than his studies.

Reilock: 2xp for Alias
Alzahalabal: 2xp for Rochefort
Glalev: 2xp for Becca

Scene three:

Riding on the coattails of Tyrion Lannister takes you right to the royal dinning room as you are to dine with royalty, it seems King Robert is interested in the famous young lord. Alias is reunited with Tommen and a good night is had by all, however, Becca who infiltrates the servants feels a sense of unease.

Reilock: 1 glory
Alzahalabal: 1 glory
Glalev: 1 glory

Scene four:

You arrange to meet with the Thornes and Alias’ mother outside the great sept, Becca goes first to scout the area out, and on her way back is warned by a fellow servant to stay away from the king and his family. Lady Bryeana tests how much her son knows about the faith, which as it turns out isn’t alot before asking Alias to come and visit his sisters but Rochefort refuses the invite.

Reilock: 2 glory
Alzahalabal: 2 glory
Glalev: 2 glory

Scene five:

You go to a feast that the king wanted to hold in Alias’ honor but it seems he forgot about that at some point and it became just a feast for the sake of having one. Rochefort sits with Lord Prestan Thorne from whom he learns that the lord would be willing to force his aunt and cousins to rejoin the Lannys if they somehow get house Thornes ancestral lands released from the crown.

Meanwhile lord Alias feels quite ill at the feast and is forced to retire, if not for Becca’s timely intervention he would have become quite lost and might have had a accident of some sort.

Reilock: 4xp for Alias
Alzahalabal: 4xp for Rochefort
Glalev: 4xp for Becca

Scene six:

The next morning Alias is summoned by the King, it seems he stands accused of murdering mister whiskers by the crown prince. The small council make idle talk over whether or not Alias did it and what should be done with him if he did, it seems he might be made a ward of another lord.

Meanwhile Becca is waylaid and summoned by the master of whisperers who offers to save Alias if Becca becomes one of his spies, she refuses.

Reilock: 2 glory
Alzahalabal: 2 glory
Glalev: 2 glory

Scene seven:

You prepare for the trial and gather as much information and as many witnesses as possible with aim of proving the prince must be mistaken instead of lying. Unknown to the others Rochefort arranges a meeting with the master of coin who agrees to help get Alias off the hook in exchange for a rather horrific loan that might see Rochefort in debt for the rest of his life and the loss of his son Melial who is taken as ward by Lord Baelish to ensure Rochefort’s good intensions. After some shrewd negotiations the master of coin agrees to release the Thorne lands as well, killing two birds with one stone.

Reilock: 8xp for Alias
Alzahalabal: 8xp for Rochefort
Glalev: 8xp for Becca

Scene eight:

The trial occurs and Prince Joffrey makes a rather scathing accusation against Alias in particular attacking his character. The testimonies of Tyrion, Lord Melvan, Ser Aron and Alias himself seem pretty compelling but the trial ends when it appears the real culprit has been caught by a third party. The guilty boy is to be executed and the matter is forgotten. Lady Bryeana Lanny and her daughters, Lylian and Alenis are to be set free from the Thornes as well as Lord Prestan honours his side of the bargain.

Reilock: 1 glory
Alzahalabal: 1 glory
Glalev: 1 glory

Complete bonuses for each player:

Reilock: 14xp for Alias, 7 glory, 1 destiny point for Alias +9 glory left over from last episode
Alzahalabal: 14xp for Rochefort, 7 glory, 1 destiny point for Rochefort, 1000gd, 5000gd debt to be paid in 12 months and the disadvantage debt to be put on Rochefort +9 glory left over from last episode
Glalev: 14xp for Becca, 7 glory, 1 destiny point for Becca

10 glory spent by Alzhalabal on sept and septon.



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